I am Professor of Berber Linguistics, and my research is in the domains of semantics, syntax, prosody, and pragmatics (information structure). My main research topics are :
  • Aspect, mood, negation and reference in Berber
  • The interaction between prosody, information structure and syntax in Kabyle
  • The role of corpora in cross-linguistic research
  • Grammaticalization and comparative Berber morphosyntax
  • Language documentation, well-being and empowerment.

My comparative work within Berber involves mainly Kabyle, Tumzabt, Taggargrent, Siwi, Ghadamsi, Tashelhiyt (Shilha), Tamazight (Middle Atlas Berber), Tarighit (Oued Righ Berber), Tahaggart and Tamashek. I work on spontaneous spoken data, and am interested in all linguistic aspects of oral production. I initiated a corpus project for Berber languages, I have coordinated one on spoken Afroasiatic languages (CorpAfroAs) (2006-2011), and another one (2013-2016) on spoken corpora in lesser-described languages and cross-linguistic comparability (CorTypo), both funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

I have been doing fieldwork on Kabyle for twenty years, and in 2012 I have started the analysis and documentation of an endangered Berber language, Tarighit, spoken in the region of Oued Righ (Touggourt) in Algeria.

You can find details on my Berber Linguistics seminar on Courses, and details on the Labex project ‘The Typology and Corpus Annotation of Informations Structure and Grammatical Relations’ on TCA-ISGR.

Contact : amina.mettouchi @ ,
Mailing address : LLACAN, UMR 8135 du CNRS
7, rue Guy Môquet – BP 8